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Mandi is a Yemeni traditional dish made primarily of meat and rice cooked in a pit underground with a specific blend of spices. It is incredibly popular and widespread throughout the Arabian Peninsula, and many places consider it a staple dish. Egypt, India, the Levant, and Turkey are also home to this species. If you want to try authentic Arabian cuisine in Sydney, Royal Bait-al-mandi is the place to go. Our patrons have always raved about our food and have come back for more. We specialize in many types of Mandi. Our chefs are dedicated to providing our customers with the greatest possible flavour by using fresh, in-house ingredients. Our address is 36 Haldon Street, which is located in the heart of Lakemba.

Experience the Arabian Cusine

  • Rib Mandi (Mild)

  • Chicken Madfoon (Spicy)

  • Chicken Mandi (Mild)

  • Mutton Madfoon (Spicy)

  • Mutton Mandi (Mild)

  • Kebabs & Sizzlers

  • Soups

  • Fish Madfoon (Spicy)

  • Fish Mandi (Mild)

  • Rib Madfoon (Spicy)

Our Customers

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Restaurant Amenities

  1. Free WiFi
  2. Music
  3. Parking
  4. Refreshment (Hyderabadi Pan)

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